I know it’s a lot of work to be a bride and a lot of things to organize and figure out.  I can’t say enough about the importance of makeup and hair on your wedding day to complete the look and make this day memorable and timeless on pictures and video. One thing to remember - whatever makeup you like and prefer you need to make it little  brighter for the camera.

   I wanted to put together a short list of things to know  about your makeup  trial and some simple recommendations about your wedding makeup and hair. 

   Please allow at least 45-50 min per look for your makeup trial. 

   Please make sure to tell your artist if you have latex allergy or any kind of allergic reactions to any cosmetic products.

   Schedule your makeup trial in advance and to have your makeup test at least 2-3 weeks before your wedding day

   Consider doing it during the day so you can see it with the day light. 

   It will be very helpful for an artist and easier for you to explain what look you are going for if you will bring a reference picture or you can simple text or email it to your artist if you will find one in advance. It will make work faster and more productive.

   Please take to consideration your skin color and shape of your face - the same makeup won’t look the same on different skin color, so artist will need to do necessary adjustments.

   If you are going for a "natural look" I would still recommend you to bring a picture of reference  - from many years of experience I learned that every woman has her own idea of what’s “natural” for her, what’s “smokey eyes” for one bride might be “natural” for the other. I believe it depends on the amount of makeup you wear on a daily basis that defines you comfort level and what is “natural”.

   Choose a lipstick that’s one or two shades brighter than what you would normally wear not to look washed out on pictures.

   Please tell your artist whether you normally wear minimum or a lot of makeup every day - that will help to get an idea of how comfortable with colors and amount of makeup you will be on your big Day and how heavy they can go.

   Try briefly explaining what it is exactly that you like about the makeup on your reference picture. 

    Eyelashes : Please feel free to share your opinion about false eyelashes with your makeup artist. I personally would recommend false eyelashes for every bride - they definitely make your eyes stand out and create more bright and strongly defined look. If you are not used to wear them - then consider getting individual eyelashes - they look the most natural and will be weightless on your eyes - so you will forget about them completely. If you are ok with the strips - that’s a great way to go as well.